The Infrastructure Practitioner’s Platform – IPP for short is a personally managed blogging website. The Administrator hopes to use the platform to share concepts (theoretical & practical), experiences, technological advancements and applications in the infrastructure field as well as professional and educational opportunities for interested individuals.

The IPP will update its blog on a routine basis, providing information on infrastructure development, renovation, maintenance, and sustainability. The platform will also discuss the details of urban development (housing, utilities, public transportation etc), with more focus on the sharing of experiences, concepts and new innovations within developing countries. The administrator along with contributors in his network has an immense level of knowledge and experiences covering such areas of infrastructure development. Moreover, the platform will provide information on transport infrastructure (private and public finance) projects. Discussions on transport will be driven on the concept of sustainability of the mass transport system, its maintenance, and operations as its stance to be the most important concept for environmentally sustainable transport systems.

The platform considered very important and as one of its major tasks to provide regular updates on the availability of opportunities for scholarships and vacancies in the industry.

The most powerful tool available to this generation is the access it has to share information in a variety of ways like never before. This opportunity opens up a new world for the connection of professionals, students, colleagues or individuals within the same line of work or even beyond.

In aspiration to utilize this tool, the administrator, a lifelong learner with a huge interest in collaborative learning and sharing of professional knowledge, have thought its prudent to seize this broadly available technological means to share with family, friends, and colleagues his works, experiments, experiences, concepts and as well use the opportunity to discuss with and learn from other like-minded professionals while building a meaningful network.

Every post in the Infrastructure Practitioner’s platform will have the section for comments. This section is believed will be used in the most civil manner for the exchange of ideas which will bring to bed the real intent of the platform.

A warm welcome to the Infrastructure Practitioner’s Platform.


The Administrator

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