Schwarzman Scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships in the world. Its structure allows participants to take on the concept of leadership from a globally connected worldview. Its intensive one-year curriculum focuses on the cross-cutting issues of business, politics, and science. It provides emerging leaders with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to tackle most of the world’s pressing constraints.

The Schwarzman scholarship established in 2016 at the prestigious Tsinghua Univesity is intended to broaden its student’s mind while building a strong network with colleagues as well as connecting with global thinkers and shapers of the world’s commercial, geopolitical,  science and technological landscape.

The creation of a politically vibrant, economically stable, conflict-free and inclusive society requires a multi-faceted understanding of global trends. This is the major reason for the creation of this special kind of open-minded global classroom.

Tsinghua University in China was purposely selected to allow participants to physically interact and understand development through the lens of one of the world’s most progressively emerging economies. The issues at hand to be solved such as poverty alleviation, co-existence, cultural tolerance, technological advancement, as well as the leadership deficit in the emerging world, will be seen first hand, examine at close sight and discuss at every level.

Considering the aim of the Schwarzman Scholarship, I will like to take a moment to dive into the underlining reasons of Mr. Schwazman and other like-minded folks who put up these kinds of opportunities.

It has been proven that the lack of profound leadership is the single impediment to poverty alleviation and development in the world. Precisely, in sub-saharan Africa, it is an overly troubling issue. The lack of intuitive leaders coupled with the lack of genuine sense of responsibility has broken every fabric of African societies and created systems in every state that lacks the innovations necessary for growth and development. The sub-Saharan region, particularly Liberia lacks the understanding of her position in the scientific and global market as well as the geopolitical landscape of the world. The act of thinking and behaving like a mere giver of natural resources hasn’t improve any of these economies in the region and it will not. Therefore, countries in Sub-Saharan Africa should redirect their focus to creating the inclusive institutions and businesses that propel the economy for growth and development which will eventually help in poverty alleviation and modernization.

This is where I strongly believed the Schwarzman leadership program comes in. It comes in when the urgency of developing leaders who are locally attached to their countries but need to understand the world from the global developmental perspective. 

Believing in Africa rising cannot be just an aspiration, it should be an aspiration with action. Henceforth, I call on young emerging leaders to apply for the Schwarzman scholarship. It will truly be a masterpiece of an experience if you got accepted into the program. The only criterion to apply is to be within the age of eighteen (18) – twenty-nine (29) years old. 

Beyond this blog post, the Infrastructure Practitioner Platform (IPP) is prepared to support interested individuals through the below list means.

  1. The IPP will provide well knowledgeable mentors for applicants who are qualified and prepared to take on the Schwarzman leadership program. If an applicant is accepted into the program, he/she will continue to have the support of mentors from the IPP platform throughout  the program.
  2. The IPP will raise fund to register applicants for other prior requirements such as, English exam (IELTS & Toefl ) etc, depending on the applicant’s commitment and upon review of his/her credentials and application essays.
  3. The IPP platform will link applicants with very resourceful individuals, some of whom are current and former beneficiaries of the Schwarzman program for first-hand advice on the application processes and the expectation of the program.
  4. Lastly, but most importantly, IPP will stay in contact with program recipient/recipients and will engage with national government, private institutions as well as educational institutions for the recipient/recipients upon return to be absorbed in a very meaningful position/positions that will allow him/her to contribute to national development.

Thank you and good luck to you if you have decided to apply for this program. Also, don’t hesitate to contact the administrator if you will need any of the assistance mentioned above.


  1. This is remarkable!
    We will use your platform to address key issues regarding the built environment.


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